My little family!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Toddle Along Tuesday: Mommy's Dreams


There are so many wishes, hopes, and dreams that I have for you. 

I can picture you starting Kindergarden, with your little back pack strapped across each sholder turning to me, and waving your hand frantically back and forth to Mommy and Daddy - so excited to start your very first day as a true big boy.  Although I know we'll have tears in our eyes then, I know we'll have even more the day you graduate from high school and shortly there after, college. Oh how much my heart will break to know that you will be a grown man then.  Whatever you choose to do, whereever you choose to go, me and daddy will support whatever you decide fulfills your wishes, hopes and dreams. 

I can see you dating the woman of your dreams, coming home to tell Daddy and I how in love you are, and saying that "I'm going to marry this girl,"  and I'm sure I'll try to convince you otherwise.  :o)  I can see you standing at the altar of a church with your bride, and you turning to me, and give me the most sweetest kiss on my cheek, and then turn to marry the woman that lights your world up.  & I'm sure that it will truly be the most bittersweet moment, ever in my life.  But the truth is Son, that I truly hope you marry a women, that brings you the most joy, the most happiness into your life, that you two will truly be soul mates. I hope you two learn to love her, just like Daddy and I have loved you.  That you two will truly understand the meaning of marriage, and forever hold a bond that noone could ever tear apart. 

Above all I pray that you grow up to be an Honorable, Humble, God-Loving, Young Man.  I can't wait to witness it. I can't wait to stand back and brag about how proud of you - I am.  Just know, whatever life throws your way, I'll be there for you - Might not be able to fix the "problem" but I'll die trying. 

With sappy tears in my eyes, the biggest smile on my face, and the most love in my heart -
I will truly love you more than life alone.