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Colston's Birth Story

It all started on Wednesday, September 8th.   I had a Dr’s apt that afternoon.  I was 39 weeks, 6 days pregnant, swollen, fat, developed corporal tunnel from excess fluid and was just flat out tired of being pregnant.  I was only 1 cm dilated, and 70% effaced.  I went in for my check up, Dr. did the check up, and of course no change.  I had given up, and opted to being induced... little did I know what was in store. 

We went home, packed up a few last minute things, handed off our dog to my mom, and headed to the hospital.  Grabbed a quick meal, because I knew it would be the last for a while; Raising Cane’s to be exact.  Signed all the paperwork, got hooked up to all the wonderful IV’s, and started the lovely pit.  It was turned really low, but every hour they upped it slightly more.  Did great all night, and into the next morning as well too. 

Early that morning our entire guest showed up to be with us on this day.  There were so many people there, Parents, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Friends.  It couldn’t have been any better of a day.  8:30 my Dr. came in to check me to see if I was progressing any, and I was a tad.  I was at a 3, and he opted to go ahead and break my water to force my body into labor.  So that’s what we did.  Little did I know, that the minute my water was broken I would feel every blessing contraction…

Dr. immediately told me that If I wanted my epidural that I could deff. Have it, so of course that’s what I did!  Anesthesiologist came in an hour later @ 9:30am.  Gave me my epi, and I was feeling great!  Felt completely numb, the way I should.  10:30 rolled around, and each contraction I began feeling worse and worse to where I couldn’t tolerate them.  I continued to tell my nurse that I could in fact feel them all the while her telling me that I was going to feel them some, that the epi wouldn’t take away the pain completely. 

After arguing with her for what seemed like an eternity she finally called back the anesthesiologist and he came back in to administer more medication – but it didn’t work..  My nurse continued to check me, and I was progressing, just not the way I had hoped. 

Around 4PM I began to feel immeasurable amounts of pressure and felt the serious urge to push.  Nurse put phone call into Dr. to head to hospital.  Seemed like FOREVER for him to arrive, but couldn’t have been longer than 30 minutes or so.  He arrived, checks me, and says “you’re a 10 with a lip”  … whatever that meant. Lol little did I know what it would mean when I began pushing. 

My cervix was a complete 10, except for one part which was bulged out to a 9 in just one spot.  Strange but each time I would push he would have to push down on my cervix so Colston wouldn’t get hung.  I began pushing around 4:30, and my angel boy was born at 5:27PM weighing 8lb 1.6ozs. 

I’ve never felt more powerful than I did that day.  Epidural didn’t work, felt every inch of pain, even the ring of fire, but yet it was so worth it.  Holding that boy in my arms is a moment I’ll never forget! 

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