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Monday, February 3, 2014

Cast Iron Queso

I originally found this recipe on The Pioneer Woman's website.  While I did keep the recipe pretty much on the same track as hers, there was a couple things that I did adjust.  Can I just say it was TO.DIE.FOR! Seriously!!

Sorry I didn't get a better picture.. but this is what it will look like before going into the Oven.
SN: I did a double batch, So I'm going to give my ingredients as I made it.

1 Pound of Breakfast Sausage
2 Whole Onions (medium)
4 Small Bell Peppers (any color will do, I used green and yellow for color)
2 Pounds of Cheese (I used 1/2 lb. of Monterey Jack, 1 lb. Pepper jack, and 1/2 of cheddar cheese)
Sprinkle of Chili powder
4-5 Whole Roma Tomatoes
1 C. Cilantro
Tortilla Chips for Serving

1. Preheat Oven to 400 Degrees
2.  Cook sausage until crumbled until brown, drain and remove from skillet.
3.  Add onions and bell peppers in same skillet and cook on medium heat until brown and tender.  Remove from heat and set aside.
4.  To build the Skillet; place 1/3 of cheese in bottom of skillet, add half the sausage, half of the onion bell pepper mixture, sprinkle cilantro and tomatoes.  Repeat, Cheese, rest of sausage, rest of onion bell pepper, sprinkle cilantro and tomatoes.  Put remaining about of cheese, then sprinkle last big of cilantro and tomatoes.
5.  Place into 400 degree oven and let bake for about 10 minutes or so, give or take.  Don't take your eye off of it.  You want the cheese completely melted, hot, and slightly bubbly.
6.  Serve Queso right out the oven!  Enjoy!

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