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Monday, September 9, 2013

Colston Turns 3!

 My Colston Ance,

I near about have to slap myself in the face to make sure I'm not dreaming- that it's really been 3 years since I saw your adorable face.  It is still so amazing to me how fast these years have flown by, and your still just as precious to me, as the day I knew you existed.

I am still amazed by how much you have grown.  We had went to the Dr. when you were 2 years, 11 months, and you weighed 51 pounds, and were 41 inches tall.  That's the size of 4 to 5 year olds!  Shirt size is xs, pants 5, and shoe size 12.5, in the little boys section.

You LOVE your cowboy boots, you love to wear your cowboy hat too.  You recently outgrew your cowboy belt, and was very upset that it didn't fit anymore. ;)  You still love Thomas the train, tractors, dump trucks, heavy equipment, etc.  Your favorite outdoor toy is your (real) 4-wheeler Papa bought for you.  Second, is your swing set, you just love to swing!  Many evenings are spent with you with Mamma on her bike, and you riding your 4-wheeler, or playing on your swing set. 

Your favorite cartoons include Dora, Team Umi Zoomi, Bob the Builder, Tiger's Neighborhood, and backyardigans.  You still love all Thomas movies, The Polar Express, The Grinch, Cars, and Brave.  Recently, Momma & Nena took you to see the Monsters University movie, and you did very well. Also, Mommy took you to see Airplanes.  Just you and me. It was such a special time. You enjoyed watching the movie on the huge screen and eating popcorn! 

I know a lot of Mom's who constantly brag on their children for their smarts, but truly you are one smart cookie.  Not only do you look like a 4 year old, you act like one too.  Your maturity level constantly keeps me shaking my head.  Dr. McCrary even said, he looks like a 4 year old, and acts like one too.  :)  Your little personality is like none other.  You always have something funny and out of the norm to say.  When God created you, He certainly knew what he was doing!

The other night you were bitten by a couple of mosquitos on the side of your face, and I was looking at them.  You said Mom, it'll be alright, I just need some benedryl.  I nearly fell out!  lol  You are constantly keeping me in stitches. 

Although you are a Momma's baby, you are really beginning to follow your Daddy's evey single move.  You love to go everywhere he goes.  Cutting grass, running dogs, hunting, riding around in the "cool" truck, or just hanging out listening music.  Every morning and every afternoon he brings and picks you up from daycare, and I just love that.  It gives you two time alone with one another, and It's time that you boys certainly need.

On your birthday you'll be starting preschool.  I'm so excited, yet so devastated that it's already time for this.  I'm so excited to see what you'll learn, and put all those smarts you were blessed with to good use.  I'm just so sad that your such a big boy, starting a new phase in your life.  Although you are 3 now, you will ALWAYS be my baby. 

A few months before you turned 3, we moved you into the old guest room and made you a big boy room!  It's in heavy equipment, and you just love it!  You sleep so much better in your big bed, compared to your crib.  You were just running out of room in that crib! 

Every night before bedtime, you enjoy getting a book read to you.  Then we say our prayers, which you very proudly say "God is good, God is Great, Amen!!"  Then you tell me who all you want to pray for that night, and I pray over you, and off to sleep you go.

My Colston, you are such a loving child.  Your constantly telling those that are closest to you, how much you love them.  You have such a kind, and giving heart, and it truly shows!  We still struggle a little with sharing, but we're working on it!

I can't wait to see what this 3rd year of life holds for you.  Whatever it may be, I know you'll be great at it!  I love you buddy, to the moon and back.

I'll love you forever and ever.



  1. He is so cute ! Lovely family )

  2. He had grown so much! Every year is a gift :)