My little family!

Our Story

My name is Chelsea.  My Husband's name is Chris.  We both attended the same high school, he was two years ahead of me though.  Strangely though, we never knew one another.  We were both in serious relationships through high school and both relationships went their separate ways around the same time frame. 

A friend of (both) of our families introduced us to one another, and it very slowly took off.  In July of 2006, we very seriously started dating, and by June of 2007 we were engaged. 

By May 17, 2008 we were married in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and settled into living in our new home, all by ourselves! 

July, 2009 we found out we were expecting our first baby, only to realize a two months later we had lost our pregnancy. 

December, 2009 we started trying for our second baby, and successfully delivered a healthy 8lb 1oz. precious baby boy named Colston in September 2010.

This is our story.. hope you stick around for the rest!!

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