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Monday, July 11, 2011

Colston where are you eyes??

     Teaching babies "new" things and watching them learn is almost the best thing ever.  Seeing their little eyes light up with excitement just tops any oridinary ordeal.  Yesterday I began to ask Colston where are you eyes, show me your eyes, and I would point to mine, then point to his, and proceed with his nose and then mouth and then ears.  However, I decided to take a step back and just work on the eyes.  I must say it is the most adorable thing.. I know say, "Colston can you say eyes, show Momma where you eyes are!" and he'll say with an excited tone of voice "eyeee."  It really is the sweetest thing ever.
     Due to running, running, running, last weekend, and Chris' complaining, we decided we would just hang around the house for majority of the time.  We really got out of the house two times.  First, was Saturday am and we were going to a yardsale to check out the great deals that this lady had.  However, while browsing I happened to look down at my 10 mth old's ear and saw fluid draining from his right ear.  He got tubes put in when he was 4 mths old, and was the best decision I have ever made on behalf of his health.  Seeing the fluid really worried me, but more the less upset me. 
     After waiting gosh must have been 2 hours with a very overly tired little boy, the Dr. finally came in the room to see Coast man.  He  checked his ears and the tubes were both still in place, and open for fluid to pass through.  No sign of infection either.  GREAT!!  So he gave Colston his measly little antibiotic and we were on our way. 
     That afternoon I gave Colston his first round of antibiotic drops in his ear.  The following morning I gave him his second dose.  The third dose was due around lunch time.  I simply leaned him over to his side, let the three drops drip into his ear, and wham.. I have a histerical child!!   Suddenly he became enthralled with pain, and there was nothing me or his Daddy could do to calm him down.  It had me so upset.  I didn't think much of it, just thought maybe he was irritable and tired, so i ignored what happened and progressed to put him down for his nap.
     After he awoke, we got dressed to go to Nana's to have dinner.  He played fine, ate pretty well, and acted like he felt normal.  When we finally got back home it was time for bath, which he always loves.  Still was fine, layed him on the changing table lotioned him up, put his diaper on, and his pj's and turned him on his side to give his drops again.  What do ya know, histerics again!  Then, I really got upset.  I just didn't know what to do.  It must have taken an hour to calm my baby boy down, but soon after that hour he passed out and woke only once in the middle of the night.
     I called the ENT and he is switching his antibiotic to something a little stronger to try to knock out any infection, if there is any at all.  Pray for him in hopes that his ear trouble is healed real soon.
     Here is a few of my favorites from his photoshoot 2 weeks ago.  He is growing up so fast, and it truly breaks my heart!

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