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Monday, August 6, 2012

Choo Choo Colston's Turning 2...

     Look at my boy, just shy of 21 months old, acting like a big boy!!  Oh my Colston Ance, I can't even hardly believe it's time to write your 2nd birthday letter.  (Picture overload)

     You have accomplished so so much within one year!  You constantly are surprising me by what new things you've learned, or words you've began to say.  Your most used words, are Mommy, Daddy, Nena, Poppie, Popa, Mawmaw, Chris (daddy), Chaley, Chas (aunt), Jen jen (babysitter), jojo (Aunt and cousin), hey, no, Thomas, choo choo, eat, cup, drink, milk, cheetos, train, bye bye, swing, truck, car, house, bath, swim, Chelsea (me), chips, popsicle, t.v. on, outside, blankie and so much more that I can't even being to remember.. those just stand out in my mind.  Of corse the words aren't properly pronounced, some things are better said than the others though...

     You recently began speaking in sentences, such as Dada I want you, Get up dada or mommy, I want eat, go to nena's house, go outside, swing Mommy (daddy) I want sip, (more but can't think).

     You will sing along with songs, that you have heard a few times, such as ALLL of the Thomas the Train sing along songs.  Your alphabet song, and number counting song, that hangs on the refridgerator, you'll sing along with that as well.  You can also sing along to the Team Umi Zoomie theme song, as well as Dora the Explorer. 

     You have begun to hate bath time, simply because I think you relate it to bed time now... and you like staying up late with Mommy and Daddy as opposed going to bed like a good little boy.


    You LOVE outside time, I think you would sleep outside if we would let you.  Normally, you cry, or even throw a temper tantrum when told to go inside.  You absolutely love playing in the dirt, with your dump trucks, front loaders, etc.  When you are finally forced to come inside, your usually covered in dirt from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.  The bath usually has a dark ring around it from your dirtiness.  You are most def. all boy!!

      Your favorite thing/things is Thomas the Train.  You could seriously watch Thomas, play with Thomas, eat, sleep, and breath Thomas the train.  You love to wear Thomas the train clothes, love to read Thomas the train books, and love to HOLD, yes hold Thomas the train DVD's. Your newest item is your Thomas the train blanket.  You like to hold/carry it around too, but your still love your blankie (silk blanket).

     Your last sick visit to the Dr. you weighed 35.4 pounds, wearing size 5 diapers, wearing 2t clothes, and size 8 or 9 shoe. 

     When you were 22 months I tried to begin slowly potty training you, and you did a fantastic job the first day!  One accident alll day long, went to Slidell, LA, then to Poplarville, MS, and back home, and you never had one single accident.  You even pooped on the potty!  Slept through the night in your big boy underwear, woke up the next morning with a totally different attitude!!  You no longer liked the potty chair, or the potty seat for the toilet.  I was so frustrated with this, but decided to back off and try again after you turned 2.  I know you can do it, you did it already!  With your daddy's stubborn ways, I know you'll do it whenever you think your ready!!

     I bought you all 2t clothes at the beginning of the summer, and all of them were slightly big on you... I had no idea we'd be pushing it for you to finish out wearing them for the summer... I just refuse to go buy you more summer clothes for you to only wear another month (or two).  :)  I also bought you all size 8 shoes for the summer as well, and what do you know, we're also really stretching it.... hope that doesn't make me a bad momma! 



     It was such a great year watching you learn, and grow into such a fine little toddler!  Your so sweet, and caring, and loving, with such the greatest personality.  Your very persistent, and know just what you want.  You don't give up, and you are very strong willed.  This challenges Momma and Daddy a lot, but I know it will be great traits when you get older.  You make us proud to be your parents baby!

     Colston Ance, the past 2 year have been one heck of a ride, and I couldn't imagine being a Momma, to anyone other than you.  You bring us so much joy, and laughter and make our roles as your parents that much more fun!  We love you to the moon and back baby!! 

<3- Mommy and Daddy

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