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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolutions...

A New years resolution usually has no meaning to me.  I'm not one to make a resolution, and often wondered why so many people made them.  This year though, this year is different.  I'm determined to make a resolution, well actually 3.  Three resolutions to get my year started, and three resolutions that I hope I actually stick to throughout the year. 

1.  The first important one is to set up some what of a budget for our family, and eliminate some "frivolous" spending that is happening that isn't completely necessary.  I sat down the other day, added our bills, and added our income, and the "excess" money that we're spending was almost nauseating... the worse part is I'm not even sure where/what is being spent on.. which is just..... ridiculous.  I'm really hoping to set a budget, and that our family learns to live with this budget, year long.

2.  Second, I want to really get into blogging.  Not really for anything other than a place for me to go when I want to document Colston's life, our family life, or anything on my heart for that matter.  I've ran out of room in Colston's baby book, and I'd really love to have a virtual baby book for him.  I also love reading blogs.  After the loss of my baby, I turned to blm blogs for comfort, and understanding- because I couldnt' relate to anyone else personally and just didn't know how to cope with my loss.  Thank God for them, and the blogs that were there for me to read.  I really look forward to blogging more frequently, and look forward to be able to go back on this blog in the future and read about me and my family's happenings. 

3.  Third, is certainly important, but the less of the three.  Since Christmas Day, I have managed to gain 5 pounds from all the delicious food.  I love good food, and I love cooking new things too.. which means I have to test taste it too.  I'm not necessarily going on a diet, but I'm certainly going to be watching my caloric intake, and going to "try" to start exercising again.  I refuse to gain weight, and think 5 pounds are much easier to loose than 20.  So today I begin, watching what I eat.  It's no fun to get older, and the good ole metabolism slow down.. booo.

My Goal for blogging will be twice a week, and more If I feel inclined to write about something!

Good day!

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