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Thursday, February 17, 2011


Newness... that's exactly what this blog ordeal is to me.  I know 2 whole things about it. 
1. I enjoy reading other's blog
2. It is somewhat similar to facebook, atleast to me. 
I do know that I have several family members that live a distance from my family and I, so because of that I was interested in becoming a blogger to keep my family connected with our lives, and to document our life story as well.  Bare with me as I learn how to properly function as a new blogger. 
As many of you should know.. My baby boy Colston Ance is now 5m1w.  As I think back upon his arrival, and how much I looked foward to holding him in my arms.. it is all such a blurr now.  Time is going by way too fast.  Being the planner that I am, I'll be purchasing items for his BIG birthday bash in September real soon.  haha
Just 2 days ago, my little mister had to have tubes put into his ears, due to many severe ear infections within a period of time.  We were struggling to keep him well - the antibiotics just wouldn't respond to his little body... talk about frusterating!!  I was very nervous about him having to be put to sleep for just 5 small minutes, but knew this would be our answer to all of his problems.  He really made his mommy and daddy proud.  When scheduling the surgery we were told NOTHING to eat or drink after mid night prior to the surgery.  Everyone who knows Colston, knows how much he loves to eat.  Of corse, he woke up bright and early, 4 am, the day of his minor surgery, rearing and ready to eat!  He was not a happy camper for quite some time, but finally fell asleep.  Soon after that woke up smiling ear to ear, happy as can be.  Before the surgery could begin, he had to receive a breathing treatment, and I must say it was hilarious - he really must have been hungry.  The fog that the breathing treatment produces, he was literally trying to eat it... stretching his head and neck out like a little turtle, mouth wide open. Soon after, they wisked him away, and before I knew it Dr. Sceichsneidre came out and greeted Chris and I and discussed the procedure and post op info.  Thank goodness we had this done, because it was a little worse than we had expected.  He woke up a brand new baby.  Instantly we could tell a difference... He was such a big big boy.  Which makes me proud, but makes me want to go buy a box of kleenex and cry for hours too.  :) 
As I mentioned earlier - Colston being 5 months now - he has accomplished everything a 5 month old should accomplish and more ... EXCEPT for rolling over.  LOL He does it sometimes, but must not think its necessary because he takes more pride in sitting up on his own!!  Woo Hoo Colston can now sit up on his own, pick up items that he wishes to play with, trying very hard to hold his bottle (and i might add that he gets very frusterated when he can't figure it out), eat very well from a spoon, and go from a laying position to a sitting position.  Very strong little boy. 
Chris is still at Coast Electric Power Association as an Underground Lineman, and fully enjoys his career, and the company he works for.  Deer season rolled around very rapidly this year, but he didn't even make it home with a deer on the dog box.  LOL  (I don't know whether to look foward to the days Colston can go with him, or not.  I guess we'll see)  In the mean time... He is taking up a new hobby - running dogs in a fox pen - whatever that means.  There aren't many thing these days that I'm sure of... but I do know for sure that Chris is an excellent provider for his family, A Very good Husband, and a Terriffic Daddy.  Seeing him and Colston interact with one another warms my heart. 
I on the other hand, have become a full time multi-tasker.  I never thought I could have ever even came close to doing so many things at one time, but I think I'm almost perfect at it!!  :)  I made 2 new years resolutions this year, and think I am doing a great job at accomplishing those as well. 
1.  Be thankful for the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. 
2.  Focus on my family first, then other issues second.

I have always been a worry wart - and I made a promise to myself this year to try to venture to some other avenue.  Very difficult I might add, but enjoying all of the new scenery.  Looking foward to expanding my blog.  Check back soon!

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