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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let the Good Times Roll!!!!!

Bon Temps Roule... "Let the good Times Roll!"  Yes Indeed y'all - it's that time of year again... time of year when the festivities begin, and don't diminish for several weeks.  Don't get me wrong... I throughly enjoy Mardi Gras, but I strongly dislike how much some people make fools out of themselves!!!! 
On a positive note, we took Colston to a parade about a week ago.  It was a small, family oriented parade, maybe 15 floats or so, and he LOVED it!!  He just did not have any clue what to think about it!!  Colston loves lots and lots of action, and a parade is indeed that!  Loud music, throws flying everywhere, and tons of people!  Right up my baby boy's alley...  although we had to keep ducking to avoid getting hit with beads... (and i might add we did succeed)!  It was such a beautiful day to spend outside, and was very glad Chris and I decided to let him experience it!
One week ago, I took on a new job, but continuing to work for the same company.  I have learned so much about blueprints - I think I can actually draft now.  lol... Seriously though, I am quite proud of myself.  My days have never flew by so fast, than they are now.  I am about a day away from moving into my own office building, all by myself... woo hoo!  Peace and quiet to do my work in a timely manner, and noone to interrupt me!!  :)  Except for all the bijillion Superintendents, GF's and Foremen!!  lol On a positive note, I really am glad I was given this opportunity to persue this career.
Incase you haven't had the chance to hear me talk about this diet kick im on... I'm on a serious diet.  lol... Since Colston's birth in September, I have lost 66 pouds, and only have 22 more pounds to go!  I am now doing (small) exercises in the afternoons white colston has his play time.... leg lifts, crunches, squats, lunges, arm lifts, and stretches... I am praying that this will help tone up my body!!!  Pray with me..... (silence).... Amen!  :)  My goal is May 1... just 1 day short of 2 months to loose 22 pounds... not so sure... but am really confident!  I sure wasn't thinking of flabby legs, and stomach, when I was eating everything in sight when I was 9 months pregnant.  I'll keep that in mind if I ever have another baby! 

Colston.... boy oh boy he cracks me up!  There is never a dull moment in the head household anymore... his smile can bright up a dark and dull room that is for sure.  Tubes are still doing fantastic, as well as his eating habits.  lol... He LOVES LOVES LOVES baby food, but even more LOVES LOVES LOVES real people food.  Of course, he only gets like mashed potatoes, and little bland things like that, but when he does, he tears it up!!  We are going to go broke with his appetite!  :)  He now is experiencing "cry when you see mommy pass by" syndrome.  If I pass by him, and he sees me, he sure expresses his frusterations and lets me know real quick that he wants some lovin!  I'm eating every minute of that up because I know real soon he won't be crying for Mommy anymore.  He'll rather be crying because I made him stay with me.  haha 
Saturday night Colston stayed the night with his Nanna (My Mom).  He LOVES him some Nanna (& some Poppie)!  It warms my heart to see how much of a bond he has with my mom and my dad.  About every other week or so he will stay the night with Nanna to give Chris and I some time alone with one another... He has only stayed I think twice, maybe 3 times, but the few times that he has Chris and I have taken advantage of it.  I strongly recommending couples do this to have some time alone with one another.  It can get stressful as a couple to consistently have a baby around non stop.  Don't get me wrong.. I love my Colston and would prefer him be with me 24/7 but sometimes we need our time alone.  When I dropped Colston off Saturday afternoon, Chris and I went to some friends place and had a great dinner... it was delicious.  Completely blew my diet with homemade blueberry cobbler...but it was soo good, and soo worth it! 
It's getting that time of year where Chris is in the yards, cleaning non stop, until they look exactly the way that only he would have them.  Which is perfectly fine with me, because I don't have to do it!!  :)  He is grooming the landscaping just so, edgeing the flower beds, and mulching them so they look freshly done!  He is so good!  Our next project is to put up fencing for Colston's new pony.  In just a few shorts months he'll be getting a pony.  Poppie is shopping around for the perfect one... can't wait! 
Im so looking foward to the summer, summer, summer time - so I can sit back and rewind!  Oh cause it's the summer time!!  Only thing we're lacking is some swimming trunks for Colston.. but I think the Easter bunny sent word to me that he'll be bring Colston a pair just so!  I bought him some cute little sun glasses Saturday, along with a $60 outfit that was 50% off!  I love sales... especially saving that much money... just shows how much of a mark up they put on children's clothing!  Absolutely rediculous!  Something funny... I put Colston in a cute little Jon Jon Saturday to run to Walmart, and pulled out his size 3 squeaky sandals to match his perfectly adorable outfit... and they wouldn't even go on his foot.. AT ALL!  My 6 month old baby is in a size 5 shoe... how crazy is that... makes me even more sad how fast he is growing... but it makes me cherish each moment so much more!  <3

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