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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where does time go??

As I sit here and write to you guys, I am just amazed at how fast time flies by!  I no longer have an Infant, and I think it is safe to say I no longer have a Newborn as well.  I swear, yesterday we just left the hospital and spent our first day as a family in our home. 
My Sweet, 8lb1oz baby boy that I gave birth to is now 22 pounds of pure joy to my life! I knew I would love being a Mom, but I never ever realized the love that would develop for this little tiny miracle that doesn't even speak yet.  My God, what a blessing he is to me, he really makes my world go round'! 
In just 3 short days, we'll be celebrating his 7 month "birthday"!  Holy Cow!  I need a slow button to be able to push... I think my biggest fear of him getting "older" is that I won't be able to remember him being this little.  I can't ever imagine him going to Elementary School, let alone High School.  I am sure I will be the embarassing Mother there sending him off to school on his "first" days each year with a box of kleenex in my hand. 
Time is just so precious, and so many of us take it for granted.  I'll admit, I USE to be one of those people, but I have learned to greatly appreciate just how precious it is!
Its the little things that I do that makes me feel like I use my time as best it could be done.  Even though there is a huge basket of laundry that needs to be folded, or a sink full of dishes that needs to be washed... they wait until he is down for a nap, or busy doing something he'd rather be doing alone.  I fully take advantage of the times he just wants to be hugged and loved on by his Mommy.  Oh, how I love when he just wraps his little arms around my neck and squeezes as hard as his little self could. *tear*  Those are the moments I'll forever hold on to... the ones that I don't want to ever forget.
Speaking of time flying by, in just 5 short weeks, Chris and I will celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary.  Seems too like yesterday that we were on our way to Tennessee getting lost because we had no earthly clue where in the world to go!  haha   Little did we know that just 2 short years later we would welcome our precious baby boy in to this world!  It was truly, both Chris and I's, best day of our lives! 
I know I am always bragging on Chris about how good of a Daddy he is to my sweet boy, but He really is the BEST Daddy in the whold wide world.  About a month or so , maybe a little before that, Chris started asking about taking Colston places with him... me being the worry wart I am-was kinda nervous about it.... (i trust chris) haha But I knew that they needed their time together, just like Colston and I have our time together as well.  So now, Chris loads Colston up in his truck, straps the car-seat in... (very impressed), and brings him anywhere he thinks Colston would enjoy it.  SO far, he's been to Maw Maw Geraldine's, Betty Mae's, Dog Pen, Dog Yard, Mr. Loran's, Craig & Mona's, grocery store, gas station, and every week Mom keeps Colston now, Chris brings him as well.  Colston think he is the stuff to be able to see his Daddy while riding in the car... all he does is smile that bright smile he has! 
Saturday, April 9th, he will go see the Easter Bunny for the first time, and get his picture taken with the Bunny.  I'm sure that he will sit right on his lap, and smile that smile that I oh so love to see, and not cry a tear.  He really doesn't meet a stranger!  I originally had wanted the Easter Bunny to bring my sweet boy a Radio Flyer Wagon with a Canopy cover on top, Summer Clothes, a Push along, and maybe a little toy or two.  Well a couple of months later since that Idea and He has all the summer clothes he could need, his Push along, and has gotten a toy or two.  So now all we have left to get is his Wagon... and we might add in there "My baby can read', and that will probabley be all.  Maybe we'll throw some Gerber Puffs in there as well as some yogurt bites for him to snack on.  He loves those! 
As of right now, he is suppose to take his Easter, Cowboy, and Huntin' pictures on Sunday.  I am wayyy behind schedule these days... Oh it's supposed to be his 6 month pictures too.. lol.  Can't wait to get them done.  I'll be sure to post them as soon as they are in my hand!
Last weekend was Cousin Sarah's 2nd Birthday party.  My little Colston hung in there all day, and finally crashed around 5 that afternoon for a nap.  He truly couldn't hang anymore.  But that day was so significant for Colston, because it was his first day to try cake!!!, and and, ride a pony.  He absolutely loved it!  Don't know if I should be excited or not, lol.  Whatever my baby loves, I love!  Whatever he wants to do with his life, I'll support.  (Under a few circumstances)
Hope to update more frequently, until then
7 Months Ago, I saw my Beautiful Boy for the first time...
Pictures to follow of the pony rides, and party. 
For some reason they are being stubborn!

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