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Friday, April 8, 2011

You shall Receive..

I promised you guys that I'd post some updated pictures on here... so hopefully it works this time!  Chris, Colston, and I have an action packed weekend.  Tonight Colston is going to stay with his Nanna, while me and Chris have some "us" time.  Hopefully I see dinner in our near future tonight.. yumm.  Tomorrow early AM I am waking up and going to the nail salon to get a manicure on my freshly grown out nails.. woo hoo.. 3 weeks and counting since i've stop biting them.  and getting a Pedicure as well.  This Mommy needs some pampering.  After that, it will be time to go pick up Colston, then head to see the Easter Bunny in Bay Saint Louis at Our Lady of the Gulf.  Later that afternoon we have a crawfish boil with my side of the family.  It will be our first time this year to eat crawfish... I must say it's a first for us to eat them this late!!  Then Sunday, is my baby boy's Easter Pictures, as well as his 6 mth pictures... (really 7) lol, and might throw in some Cowboy and Huntin pictures too.  I can't wait to see my chunky butt and how cute this pictures will be!  Hope yall have a GREAT weekend, and in the meantime *Smile*

Little Over a Month ago, Headed to Church!

This Picture cracks me up! 
He looks like the Jolly Green Giant!  :)
6 1/2 Months

Just wanted to show off his eyes!
I couldn't be more proud of my Boy!

Look who's learning how to crawl!!!
He by no means is crawling all over the place BUT
He sure is trying his hardest!!!

Besides being outside,
This is his favorite part of the day!! 

Play Time!
The water isn't yellow bc of urine or anything.  lol
It's this item that you put over the fosset.
It prevents them from hitting their head, and makes the water different colors.
Blue, purple, green, yellow, orange, red. etc.

K Mom.  Can I play now??
He is a sport with all these pictures.
& I must say, he sure does rock the camera!

Funny face, but Gorgeous Eyes!
These last few were taken last night.
7 months!  :(

Colston's First pony Ride!
Dontcha just love that face?!?!

Can you tell how much he enjoyed it!
The little cutie in the Pink is my Neice, Sarah.
She was the Birthday Girl... Happy Birthday Sarah!
We Love you!

My Little Slugger!

Momma's Boy! 
I love him so much!!

The best of all. 
My Family.
I love these two boys to the moon and back!!

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