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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Colston's Aednoidectomy.... 2/23/2012

First, I think I need to back up and and explain our transition going into the surgery of removing Colston's Aednoids.

Approximately, one year ago Slightly before Colston turned 5 months, Chris and I took it upon ourselves to bring him to an ENT to have his very troubled ears checked.  He kept ear infections, - most of the time the antibiotics wouldn't even knock them out.  When I brought him to the ENT, he had 5 ear infections, with-in a period of actually 2 months. (They didn't begin until he was 2 months) That day we scheduled his Tubal procedure, and went on about our business.  The procedure went fine.  Fast foward a year.

The last 12 months or so has been a complete NIGHTMARE with Colston's sinuses I.E.- Congestion, Runny nose, croupy cough, aesthma... You name it- He had it.  We went to an allergist, had an allergy test done to for proper precaution, and you would know he was allergic to nothing!  He was staying on antibiotics, steriods, Albuterol, Singulair, benedryl - and I Had just had enough of keeping my baby on all of these medications.  So back to the ENT we went.

Dr. S, examined Colston went over his history for the last year, and I throughly explained the trouble and complications we had been having.  Just as I figured- He suggested the aednoids come out... So once again I had to go to that little room and schedule a second surgery that my baby has to go through.  It was very upsetting, but comforting to know at the same time this could fix all of his problems. 

The aednoidectomy would too, be a simple surgery.  However, this time, unlike the tubes, he would be intubated, and put under with general anesthesia.  :( 

On our way to Surgery Center

The morning of his surgery, he was in a great mood.  He never really cried for his milk, which kinda shocked me because normally his first thing in the mornings is his cup of soy milk, his silk blanket, and his toones.

When we arrived at the Surgery center, they quickly got the paperwork completed, and brought us to the back to wait for him to be taken back.

He was eating up the attention, just loved having that big bed all to himself!  Due to his aesthma he had to have a breathing treatment as well.

Such a sport!

My whole <3!

Soon after the breathing treatment it was time to bring him back for his procedure.  It seemed like eternity, but it reallly only lasted for probabley 30 minutes.  The DR. called us back to consult with him about the procedure, and just went on to explain how he would act/side effects from the surgery.  He was such a good patient.  While we were consulting with Dr. S, I could hear the receptionist calling us back to go see him.  I finished listening to the Dr. while Chris went to be with Colston.  I can't honestly even tell you what was said after that because all I was focused on was seeing my baby.  I needed to see him, and know he was okay.

I don't think anything could have prepared me for what he looked like when I walked back there.  I held it all together, but it was very emotional.  Seeing your baby disoriented, making funny noises, and heavily medicated is nothing any mother should have to go through.  We must have stayed in recovery for 2 hours or so.  It flew by very fast though. 

When I got back there to him, he kept crying- clearly he was not aware of his surroundings.  I picked my baby boy up, and laid in the bed with him on my chest and he slept sound for probabley an hour.  When he woke up after that, he was clearly still medicated, but he wasn't disoriented.

He was so swolen. 

I was so proud of my baby and all that he conquered that day.  It's the small stuff that makes us be so very thankful for the small stuff. 

Headed home!

The rest of the afternoon he was great, and full of energy.   Clearly the pain meds that were given helped him make it through the day.  The following Friday and Saturday, were not fun days at all.  You could tell he was in pain, didn't feel well and started running a low grade temp. 

The things we do to make our babies happy!

Baby boy eating breakfast in the recliner!

Come Sunday, 3 days Post Op, he was back to his normal self.  Glad this is over and done with!

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