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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Worst Blogger... OOps!!

Before I give all of the excuses in the world about why I haven't blogged in oh almost 5 months, I'll just go ahead and beg for forgiveness!!  lol

I'm going to sup up the last few months by doing a boring bullet post!! 

  • The month of March Colston went out of town for the first time with Nena (my Mom) to my sisters Oh about 3 hours away.  Needless to say I couldn't stand it and had to drive up to see him for a day...
  • In April we went on our first family vacation.  We went to Galveston Beach, TX.  We all had a blast, but quickly learned how difficult it was to take a 1 year old out of his element and expect him to sit in a car for hours upon hours... We did have loads of fun, but won't be taking any more trips until next year prob.
  • May, Oh how busy you were.  We had 4 birthdays in My family, and Mother's day.  Also we celebrated Memorial day with a cookout at our house!!  Fun Fun Month!!
  • June, Hubby Chris turned 28 years old!!  Got season passes for Me and Colston to the water park and began going each Friday.  That was all fun and stuff until Colston got his first ear infection since his tubes were placed.  The ear infection was the worse I've ever seen, just infection continously dripping from his ear.. my poor baby was in some serious pain.  Bad bad Momma over here for not making him wear ear plugs!!  Smh...
  • Oh July... 4 birthday parties, 2 baby showers, 1 diaper party, Colston's birthday pictures, and 3 doctor's appointments!   Whoa... busy busy month!

I'm super stoked for August to get here.. this Girl is turning the big 26, and the biggest deal of all, I'll be planning my baby's 2nd birthday party!!  Wahhh

I've got most of the planning done, but I'll certainly be tieing everything together!! 


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