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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Boy!

I still can't believe that it's been 365 days since our Sweet Colston came into this world!!

A year since Colston was placed into my arms for the first time...

A year since Daddy put on his first diaper to ever wear...

A year since Chris and I knew how to love deeper than we ever imagined...

A complete year since we became a family of three!!

The past 365 days have been - hands down - the most challenging days of my entire life.
But, they've also been the most happiest, and fulfulling days of my life!

I might be an awesome Wife, Sister, and even daughter, but I was truly made
to be a Mommy.  Made to wipe snotty noses and clean dirty diapers.  Made
to make bottles at 3 am, and made to rock you back to sleep at 5 am.  Made to pick up
toys all over our house, and give you bubble baths every.single.night.   Made to love, fight, and protect
my sweet baby boy that God gave me!!

You make me laugh when I want to cry, Smile when I feel like frowning,
You make me want to be a better person, a better Mother.
Only because I want the best for you that life has to offer!

My sweet Colston Ance, You will do big things in your life, and go big places.  No matter
where you go, or what you do, know that Daddy and I will always love you with all of our hearts baby boy!

With tears in our eyes, and smiles on our faces, Happy 1st Birthday Colston Ance!!!
We love you more than life alone!!

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