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Friday, October 21, 2011

Things WE Couldn't live without during Colston's 1st year of life!!

Here are just a few things that I love being a Mommy and figured that I would share with all you other Mommies!!

Baby Einstein Musical Motion 2 n 1 Jumper & Entertainer 79.99-Babies R Us.

This wonderful jumper and entertainer kept Colston entertained
for hours at a time.  He loved to sit and play in this entertainer
while watching his baby einstein movies!!

Baby Einstein Baby Mozart Discovery DVD Kit 14.99-Babies R US

Oh Baby Einstein movies, how I love you so.
You kept my precious son entertained for so many days.
He is now almost 14 months old, and still love the Baby Einstein
Movies, just the older age or higher level.  These movies were the best purchases.

Sleep Sheep Sounds by Cloud B 25.99-Babies R us

I think without this Sheep, My Husband and I would have had many more sleepless nights.
It soothed him many-of-nights right back to sleep.
It will be sure to be put up for the "next one"

Nap Nanny Infant Recliner 129.99-Babies R Us

This nap nanny was also a great investment because it too gave us many more nights of rest.
My son had severe ear infections and it kept him proped up to the fluid wouldn't
put pressure on his ear drums.  Also, it helps alot with colic and reflux too.  The cover
just slips right off, goes into the washer and dryer, and goes back on perfectly.
We even had his name monogrammed on it just to add that special touch.

Birkshire 2n1 Swing/Bouncy 134.99-Babies R Us

Oh Mr. Swing, how Colston and I loved you so. 
It viberated, sung, and swung.
This was the best purchase of all.  There was just something about that swing.
It would put my Mr Ham right back to sleep. 
He too, slept many of nights in that swing with his ear problems.
I also loved so much that you could just lift the seat right off,
set it on the floor, and it instantly became a bouncer. 
So no extra purchase was needed to buy a bouncy seat.

Bumbo Infant Seat 39.99-Babies R US

This little seat came in handy when Colston was about 3-4 months old. 
I knew instantly that I wanted to start him out early on a spoon.
That way at 6 or 9 months I wasn't fighting with him on how to eat.
This little seat sat him up just right and supported his little head while he ate his
baby food just right!!

Baby Einstein Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym - 69.99-Babies R Us

Colston LOVED LOVED LOVED this activity Gym. 
He would just coo so sweetly while playing under this gym mat. 
It was this mat where he learned to roll over too.

What all did you use to help you get through the first year of raising your little one??

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