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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A day in Chelsea's life...

Today's Day 15 of blog every day in May folks, and I've only missed 2 days blogging out of 15??  Holy cow, that says a lot.  Like A L O T.  Anyhoo...

It totally slipped my mind yesterday to take pictures of my actual day, but I'm going to give you the 411 of how I get my day started (during the work week, which is Monday through Friday.) 

4:30 AM: Alarm clock goes off.  I may or may not hit snooze once or twice.
4:40 AM:  Literally roll myself out of bed, and hop in the shower.
4:50 AM:  Dry off, and walk straight to the coffee pot.
5:00 AM:  Apply Make up, fix hair, and get dressed. 
5:25 AM:  Fix mine and Hubby's lunch and pack Colston's back pak, and wake Hubby up.
5:35 AM:  Leave for work.
6:00 AM:  Clock into work.
9:00 AM:  Break Time!
11:30 AM:  Lunch Time
2:30 PM:  Quittin' time.
3:00 PM:  Pick up Colston from Daycare.
3:30 PM:  Arrive home, and start dinner.
4:30 PM:  Eat dinner, clean kitchen.
5:00 PM:  Outside or inside play-time.  Whatever it might be.
7:00 PM:  Bath Time, for ALL of us! 
7:30 PM:  Colston's bedtime.
8:30 PM:  Bed time for me and Hubby.

Side Note:  This is just an estimate of our usual schedule when we have nothing to do but some home.  A couple days a week he has a t-ball game at 5PM too, which makes for a super hectic day when you throw in eating dinner before games and all.  But there you go! 

Sorry for no pictures too, I'll do better next time!  LOL


  1. Wow that's a crazy schedule girl! But, so awesome that you were able to find a job that lets you be with your kiddo so much of the day!


  2. Wow, that's an early start. Sounds like my Momma. But she loved it when my sister was in H.S cause it allowed her more time with the family and to attend all her drill team sompetitions