My little family!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Happy Happy!!

Today is day 14 over with Jenni @ Story of my life blog.  The challenge for today is pretty easy.. Ten things that make me happy... 
1.)  One of these bad boys, each and every.single.morning.  Possibly, 2. 

2.)  Waking up with these two

3.)  Cooking a REALLY great meal, and those that I'm feeding just LOVE it!
4.)  Sunshine & Summertime...
5.)  Finding a GREAT deal while shopping!
6.)  An extremely hot bath every single night before bed.
7.)  A super clean home. 
8.)  Memories from my childhood.
9.)  Over-hearing my husband brag on me being a great wife and Mommy..
10.)  Quality time with Family & Friends...
What makes you happy??  Feel free to link up!


  1. Deals when shopping totally makes my list too! Seriously there's nothing I love more than finally seeing something go on sale that I've been waiting on. :)

  2. Yes to the shopping, sunshine and summertime