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Friday, May 10, 2013

How Embarrassing....

The blog everyday in May challenge has really got me to thinkin' today. Today is day 10, which forces us to tell our most embarrassing moment.... oh boy. 
Unfortunately for you guys, my MOST embarrassing moment is kind-of inappropriate for you guys, so I'll stick to a rather... ehhh... g rated we will say... lol.
I very strongly remember, when I was in second grade, slamming a door to the milk cooler in the cafeteria, on top of a milk carton, a chocolate milk carton.  The obv. happened, and the milk carton exploded in my face, in my hair, on my cute little romper, and I had to walk around for the rest of the day smelling like soured chocolate milk, with crusty nasty hair... oh the days I tell ya!
I also remember when me and my husband had not long been dating... and of corse I get the urge to pass gas, and there wasn't no holding it in.. completely.mortified!  Thank God he really loved me... lol.
I remember my first love in high school... while we weren't ever exclusively a couple, everyone just kinda knew I was "with him" and him likewise with me.  Long story short I got tired of him using that against me, and not taking me seriously how much I had cared about him.  So, what do I do??  I write him a very serious letter because that's what high school KIDS I told him how I could not continue to "love" him like I do, and be err "involed" with him, because I'm tired of the hurt and pain he is causing me by us casually being together.. well long story short he very ignorantly went home, emptied his pants pocket on the counter, and his lovely mother comes home and sees a letter sitting on the counter.  She of course reads it, and decides to play a joke on her son.  She tells him that my mother had called her to tell her that I was pregnant... and went along with it for a while.. (which is kinda funny, since it wasn't true, but still)  Knowing she read that letter about my feelings, and what was said was so humiliating ... I couldn't look her straight in the face.ever.again. 
S.N... when I was in high school and something really embarrassing would happen to me and my best friend, we would look at one another and say... How Embarrassing.. hence the title.. those were def. the good ole' days.. sigh..
And for your viewing pleasure, just a couple pictures from said high school days... lol
Junior Year, 2003.  Pointing at picture of said "first love."  haha

Oy Vey... Geez what was I thinkin... and further more who was I!!  haha

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  1. But... "my MOST embarrassing moment is kind-of inappropriate for you guys" those are the best kind!

    I try to forget everything I did in High School. EVERYTHING.