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Friday, May 3, 2013

Things that make me uncomfortable....

Here we are, at day 3 with the blog every day in May challenge.  Today's topic is "Things that make me uncomfortable."  While brainstorming for this I've realized that there isn't much, but what few things I'll talk about.

1.  The first thing I can think about that makes me feel uncomfortable is being put in a situation, or conversation with something that I adamantly disagree with.  What makes it even worse is when it's just not appropriate to speak up about it.  I'm sure through the looks of my eyes, and gestures that they probably get the point, however I'm an extravert and what I think MUST be verbally said!  lol

2.  Second, Public speaking.  I hate, hate, hate having to speak out to a crowd of people, where all the attention is on me.  I do not like being center of attention, at all.  What's strange about it is I'm very outgoing, just not in dead front center of several people.  Needless to say speech in high school, and oral communications in college were not my favorite class. 

3.  Third, and from what I can think of, last, is using public restrooms.  It nearly makes my skin crawl when I think about how germy, and nasty those places are.  I've seen myself leave places, just because I had to use the restroom so badly, and couldn't bare to use the restroom... sometimes it's not that bad... It never fails, when me and my family is out in public my child has to use the restroom... and as many times as I've restrained his tiny little hands from touching the toilet paper dispenser, or toilet seat for that matter, the second I let go his hands go right where I just verbally told him not to touch.... can we say NASTY, GROSS, DISCUSTING!  Iccckkkk

I think that's it for now....


  1. Public bathrooms are usually so gross, I don't blame you at all for hating that one. I have to use one everyday at work, so I'm used to it. I always wash my hands super good, then try to touch as little as possible on my out, then use hand sanitize once I'm in my office again after touching the bathroom door handle.
    I absolutely hate public speaking too. I used to get so nervous for that stuff in high school that I couldn't sleep the night before.

  2. I hate going to public restrooms too. Even if they're inside a mall or restaurant. I always think of the people who went before I did and what they did there, what they touched etc. Yuck!

  3. Public speaking is a nightmare! Ugh. Those classes in high school and college were awful for me. I still get sweaty palms and a dry mouth just thinking of it.